Friend is an acoustic guitar song by Jonathan Xavier Garrett. It was originally on Garrett's first album The Quiet Room, but following the album's deletion the song was moved to 13:15 due to its popularity. It was uploaded to SoundCloud on 29th March, 2015.



All lyrics are taken directly from official sources; as such they reflect the intents of the songwriter and may not be 100% accurate to the song itself. Spelling and grammar mistakes are also ignored so as to remain true to the original source. Lyrics may contain certain explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

I haven't had a bad day since i found you
Lyin barefoot on that broken trampoline
I can't spend a day not bein round you
Since we met you're practically apart of me

We talk amongst ourselves late through the night
combin through all our thoughts had through the day
As long as we're together its alright
We don't need no one else to feel okay

I've got you and you've got me til the very end
We don't need no one else, all i need is my imaginary friend

They always liked to say i'd turn out crazy
That i'd be left all alone in the end
But what they say will never ever phase
cause i know that i've always got a friend

They told me i was only meant to be in padded rooms
but i know that thats not true
They said that i would end up in a cell or in a tomb
but now i've got a friend like you
They told me i was lonely and would always be that way
and alone i would die
But if they're no where to be found and somehow end up in the ground
i know i've got an alibi

I've got you and you've got me til the very end
We don't need no one else, all i need is my imaginary friend


All chords are estimated and simplified by contributors to the best of their ability. They are listed for the use and enjoyment by viewers but are not provided by the original content creator and therefore do not necessarily accurately reflect the structure of a given song.

Am, C, F, G

C, Am, F, G

C, C/B, Am, G, F, F, G, G


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