Good God Damn is a rock song by Jonathan Xavier Garrett. It is currently only available as a demo, but it is speculated that the full version is being worked on by Garrett's new band. There is also a solo live video performance, as well another live performance from JMPB's show at Sauced. Garrett has teased that a music video is in the works. It was uploaded to SoundCloud and YouTube on 27th February, 2016. The performance from Sauced was uploaded to YouTube on 17th June, 2016.



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Good God Damn
Let Me Out
Won't hang tight
Why keep me around
I won't put up
And I won't put out
You say its looking up
but everybody's looking down
I've seen your act
I've played your game
You clean me out
and dirty my name
You had one shot
Now it's aimed your way
What they gonna do
What's everybody gonna say

Good God damn
You think you're smart
When they all come to
They're gonna tear you apart
When you can't play dumb
and the word gets round
What they gonna do
when they figure you out

Good god damn
You lost your strut
Hard keeping up
When you're living in a rut
You made your mind
I took my turn
Hope those tears can
Soothe your burns
I took your shit
Packed it up
Don't be shocked when you
Can't get a fuck
The gettings been good
but the givings all gone
Get fucked, go home
and we all carry on


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A, A, A, F#m