Start A Fire is a rock song by Jonathan Xavier Garrett. It was uploaded to SoundCloud on 30th March, 2015. The song originally featured on Garrett's second album Curb Your Ego, but following the album's deletion it was moved to 13:15 due to its popularity. Garrett also included a remaster of the song on 13:15, which was uploaded to SoundCloud on 6th January, 2016 and to YouTube on 8th January, 2016.

As of the formation of JMPB, Garrett moved Start A Fire once again and it is now set for release on his first studio album.


Start A Fire is undeniably Garrett's most popular song, having hit over 16,000 plays on SoundCloud. It received a spike in plays after the YouTuber Alpharad posted a Super Smash Bros. for Wii U montage featuring the song. It then found more support when it was featured on Alpharad's Sleepaways album.



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You say you want to start a fire
you say that you don't even care
about the repercussions
you say you could go anywhere
What if I didn't either
God damn if I could too
but if were to leave here darling
you think it'd be with you

Say all that you want
Say it as loud as you can
It'll never change a thing
I still won't give a damn
It's not that i don't want to
Sometimes i wish i could
but baby i'd just flaunt you
You know that I'm no good

Hate me all you need
Give me all the blame
But you know me
I can never be put to shame

No matter what i want
its nothing more than a game
You can play hard to get
And then i'll play you just the same

I hate it too
but what can i do
I was never cut out
for the simple "me and you"

I love you, Well
at least i think i do
Will anything ever change
or is this all still right on cue

Did i break your gaze
is this not what you wanted dear?
was this more than you can handle
is this not what you wanna hear?

Go on and drown me in your tears
Bleed out your eyes
And oh just maybe you could kill me
but i will ever sympathize

Ill be the one that you can count on
to be the one thats never there
Ill be the shadow in your bedroom
The one that looms over your stare

Ill be your favorite thing to think on
to wonder what you did all wrong
And all the while my mind is quiet
and you're nothing more than one more song

Hate me all you want
Blame me all you need
Say its all because of me
and i'm the reason that you bleed

I have nothing left to hope for
No cards left to play
No body left to feed on
no body left to plague

I could never learn to love you
As much as I want to
and even hollow as i am now
I'd still never wish the same for you

So kill me off completely
Clear me from your head
I could never be with you
and you could never love the dead

You say you wanna start a fire X4


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A, C#, Bm, D

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D, A#, A, F#m